Design Service

Design Service

Due to the industry growth in China, the engineers are become most effective among the world. Time capitalize on this by assigning engineers that already have extensive experience relevant to your product who know how to optimize a product. There is a different ratio between labor and capital equipment costs in Asia than Europe and America, so the optimal design will also be different.

Beside speed, quality is also an issue. Our engineer are capable to achieve this goals because they are locate here, and can interact directly with toolmakers and manufacturers on full time basis. Face to face meetings are still very important for effective concurrent development to achieve short lead times.

Time knows what is your expectation, thus, we would give you the quality where needed, and the speed and cost-effectiveness where possible.

Our engineering design team is supported by up-to-date software tools and industry expertise that enable new product introduction as well as modifications and variations to existing products. And our engineers confirm the questions with the engineers of our customers directly, it improve the efficiency and save the time of both of us.

We are continually researching and investing in new and improved methodology.

Software tools: CAD, PDF, 3D, PRO-E ect.